About Our Ophthalmoscope and Otoscope Sets

Save Money / Save the Planet

iselldiagnostics.com offers Diagnostic Sets that are fully reconditioned and functional for your training. We also offer the option of purchasing a factory new set. Check with your instructor to see if they have a specific set that they require. The ancillary items we offer, like Stethoscopes, BP cuffs, and tuning forks are all factory new. Additionally, when your need for a diagnostic kit has passed, you will be able to sell it back through our sister website, ibuydiagnostics.com.

This Service:

  • Reduces your initial cost.
  • Provides you with the instruments you need to learn key diagnostic skills effectively.
  • Allows you to recoup a good part of the money you invested in your diagnostic set once you are finished with it. (by selling to ibuydiagnostics.com)
  • Recycles instruments so that additional resources/pollutants like Nickel Cadmium aren’t squandered.

How does this help the environment?

Just look at the number of Medical Professionals that are in training each year. That is many thousands of Diagnostic sets (many with toxic Nickel Cadmium batteries) that are produced for a training period that is typically a year or so. While these sets will likely not find their way into a landfill, most of them will sit in a desk drawer somewhere after their usefulness in training has passed. Why won’t they continue to be used? In some cases, they aren’t needed for a given Specialty. In most cases, the institution you work in will provide these instruments as part of a standard exam room.